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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ways to change the background color on your computer

To protect eyes, it would be better to change the background to another color  ( Hue = 85, Sat = 90, Lum = 205)

From some online source: 
打开控制面板中的"显示" 选择外观(appearance)-高级(advanced), 然后在项目(items)那栏选窗口(windows),再点颜色(color)-其它(others),然后把Hue(色调设为85,Sat(饱和度)设为90,Lum(亮度)设为205。 然后单击 添加到自定义颜色(Add tocustom colors),一直确定。 

打开IE,点击工具(TOOLS),点INTERNET选项(INTERNET OPTIONS),点右下角的辅助功能 (Assessibility),然后勾选 不使用网页中指定的颜色(ignore colors specifiedon web pages),然后点 确定退出。  


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